Prayer is very important within the Latter Day Saints tradition. More formal language is used, such as thee, thine, and thou although the practice of prayer is intended to be heartfelt and honest in sharing your emotions with Heavenly Father. It has four simple steps:

  • Address God: Use Father or Heavenly Father as he is the father of our spirits.
  • Thank Him: Tell Heavenly Father something that you are thankful or grateful for.
  • Ask Him: Ask for the help that you need or want.
  • Close in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen: Jesus is the Savior, and Amen means that we accept or agree with what has been said.

An example may be:

Dear Heavenly Father: I come before thee today thankful for the opportunity to be in thy presence and for the day which thou hast given. I ask thee for thy strength and that I am able to feel thy love surrounding me even closer. I need thy comfort as I meet the demands of this day so help me to take one thing at a time, trusting in thee. Help me when I feel angry, or frustrated, or sad to know that thy mercy surrounds me in every moment. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.