Spiritual Questions - I Can’t Believe What I Used to Believe

I Can’t Believe What I Used to Believe

A common feeling in these moments is some level of disillusionment and betrayal.

You may feel that you’ve been hoodwinked. You might feel a sense of injustice. You, or your loved one, did what was right. She regularly went to worship services. He exercised and ate right. She’s good and kind and never spoke nasty word about anyone. He spent his vacation time building schools in poor countries. I’m too young. My kids are too young. This isn’t how the world is supposed to work.

Giving voice to these feelings of outrage may be helpful, but you may find it difficult to find someone who is able to hear your anger without trying to talk you out of it. Your pain may frighten them, and they may shush you, tell you there’s a plan to the world that we cannot ever understand. They may be right, but their reactions may not be helpful to you in the moment. A chaplain or another trusted counselor can be a useful confidant in times like this: chaplains understand the position of faith from which you have begun, and are prepared to bear witness to your anger. They will not try to dissuade you from feeling your feelings, but they will accompany you through them.