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But There is Still Goodness

While some find the experience of spiritual distress disorienting, and cause to doubt that there is any goodness in the world, you may find yourself experiencing the exact opposite things.

In the midst of tragedy, many experience benevolence they never thought possible. Sometimes it is existential: the feeling of strong arms embracing you while you wept one night, an inner peace in the mist of chaos, or a sense of the synchronicity of things. Sometimes, the experience is much more tangible: the timely arrival of a dear friend, a nurse or hospital staff member being extraordinarily kind, and reconciliation between estranged family members. These feelings do not diminish the loss and grief you may be feeling, but they may give you a different perspective. And if your different perspective is not shared by your loved ones, you may find yourself struggling to reconcile the two. Here again, you may find it helpful to speak with a chaplain or another trusted counselor – a person not directly involved who nonetheless can understand the vastness of feelings you are experiencing.