Spiritual Questions - I Can’t Believe What I Used to Believe

I Can’t Believe What I Used to Believe

A common feeling in these moments is some level of disillusionment and betrayal.

Spiritual Questions - But there is still goodness

But There is Still Goodness

While some find the experience of spiritual distress disorienting, and cause to doubt that there is any goodness in the world, you may find yourself experiencing the exact opposite things.

Spiritual Questions - Me and God

Me and God, We’re…?

Amazingly, even if you never described yourself as particularly religious – even if you never once considered the presence or absence or temperament of God – you may find yourself thinking thoughts about God pretty frequently these days.

Spiritual Questions - The Last Thing I Want is a ‘God Person’ Preaching at Me

Seriously?! The Last Thing I Want is a ‘God Person’ Preaching at Me

It’s true that if you’re angry with God, the idea of talking to a person whose role is explicitly religious may not be appealing.  A chaplain will neither lecture nor judge.  They will, however, listen, and a good listener may be hard to find if your loved ones are also grieving and struggling to make sense of things.

Spiritual Questions - God, I’m Fine With

God, I’m Fine With. But These People…!

OK, so you’re right in the midst of the worst experience of your life, and to add insult to injury, the people you thought you could depend on are being colossally unhelpful.  It happens all the time. With friends, congregations, neighbors, coworkers, family members.