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Hospice Option in the United States

One option that might be presented is that of hospice This may be a terrifying prospect for you, especially if you’re not familiar with the term.  While individual programs vary slightly, generally speaking, hospice is a form of palliative care for someone whose illness is terminal (meaning that its focus is on pain control and symptom management) that is offered wherever the patient lives.  In many cases, it is a way for a dying person to go home to a familiar and comfortable environment, rather than having to remain in the hospital.  Many, many people desire to die peacefully at home, but not everyone.  You should again weigh everything you know about the person, seek counsel from religious leaders or others who know the person well, and talk the options through.  Often, hospice is a huge relief: getting you out of the chaos of the hospital environment, to a place where you can sit in comfort, be surrounded by your pets, your friends, your photographs – whatever comforts you most.