Painful Feelings - Introduction

Painful Feelings: Introduction

Ever notice that some feelings are more acceptable than others?  Families, cultures, and even geography all are factors here, but generally speaking, we’re all a bit squeamish when it comes to feelings of anger, guilt, and hopelessness.

Painful Feelings - Anger


Your loved one is sick. You are sick. Someone has died.  You’re angry. Of course you are.  Ironically, on some level, you’re probably also telling yourself you ought not to be so angry.

Painful Feelings - Guilt


“I should have…”  “I shouldn’t have…”  “I wish I had said…”  “This is all my fault…”

If thoughts along those lines are keeping you up at night, you may find it helpful to talk to a chaplain or another trusted counselor.

Painful Feelings - Hopelessness


People have probably told you not to lose hope, or to keep the faith.  They mean well, but maybe the pragmatic side of your brain feels like there isn’t much worth hoping for.