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Chat with a Chaplain offers someone in spiritual distress or pain the opportunity to connect with a professional chaplain who will listen and offer spiritual comfort and support. You can connect with the chaplain via email through our online form. We seek to help people and families facing illness and suffering find spiritual comfort and meaning. Help is given without judgment and regardless of your belief system or lack of one. You can find how to contact Chat With a Chaplain here.

Chronic pain can be overwhelming to live with, especially when you don’t know how you may feel from one minute or hour or day to the next. Yet by attending to your spirit, you can find ways to help you cope and find comfort.

Resources for Medical Information about Chronic Pain

Chaplains On Hand® is not a site that provides medical information. There are many excellent sites that do provide medical information and advice about living with chronic pain. Two are:

  • The Pain Action Alliance to Implement a National Strategy (PAINS) is an alliance of leaders working in professional societies, patient advocacy organizations, policy groups, people with pain, payers, and the private sector working together toward a common vision and mission. On their website you will find a section on Understand Pain that provides numerous resources including Pain 101, Kinds of Pain, and Your Right to Pain Management, Treatment Options, and a Glossary of Terms.
  • The American Chronic Pain Association, as part of their mission, facilitates peer support and education for individuals with chronic pain and their families so that these individuals may live more fully in spite of their pain. There you will find Conditions A to Z information, Medications and Treatments, and Pain Management Tools.